Welcome To Khazani Women's Vocational Institute

Khazani Women's Vocational Institute particularly works for the upliftment of women. Our institution is a healthy growing initiative and hence trying to develop more and more with the help of efficient Board Members, staff and faculties.It is rightly said that when you teach a man you teach an individual, but when you teach a women you teach a whole family.
A Woman plays very important role in determining the socio-economic status of a family. Women are potential partners in the entire development of family & society and our aim is to prepare each & every women to become a symbol of confidence & expertise so that she could contribute in every sphere at personal and professional front.
Khazani Women's Vocational Institute helps women by providing different courses to enable and equip them to shoulder their responsibilities. At KHAZANI we feel that we all have right to learn and educate. Thus we prepare various courses with the experts of the respective fields. Courses provided in our institute are motivating, interacting and very informative as per today's need.
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