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Creativity occurs in the mind of every human being. What is necessary is to develop that skill on paper or on canvas with help of brush and paint and this is what we call fine art.
Fine art is a selection of the world of visual Art. Art is used to visually depict the inner feelings & abstract ideas through the medium of forms colors etc. in other words it is the visual depiction & communication of expression. Thus originality & Innovation are measure of quality of fine art.
We, in our institute invite students full of creativity and provide them way to learn more basic and more basic and more developed art which is very much valuable in todays world.

DURATION : 2 Years Course                         Eligibility: Minimum 10th of 10+2 System

Course Curriculum

• Geometry

• Basic Design

• Perspective

• Composition

• Methods & Material

• Exercise Informs

• Pattern Making Techniques

• Accessories Design

• Drawing And Painting –Still Life (Basic)

• Personality Development (Basic)

• Outdoor Study(Basic)

• Oil Painting(Basic)

• Sketching Techniques(Basic)

• Portrait Making( Basic)

• Drawing Techniques (Basic)

• Color Theory
• Mural

• Aesthetic & Concept

• Live Drawing & Painting

• Drawing and Painting- Still Life (Adv)

• Clay Modeling

• Personality Development(Adv)

• History Of Art

• Outdoor Study (Adv)

• Oil Painting (Adv )

• Sketching Techniques(Adv)

• Portrait Making(Adv)

• Drawing Techniques(Adv)

• Sculpture

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