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Interior designing is the most upcoming profession which not only satisfies the aesthetic and creative urge but brings monetary gains as well. This course along with the development of the creative skills involves the knowledge of technical details of application. To achieve best result in the form of appealing. Economically and efficiently designed interior spaces (houses, offices, public spaces etc.) designed by the student. Interior designers can be employed in interior and architectural firms, large manufacturing units, hotels, exhibition displays and large commercial establishment or work as free lancers for furniture and furnishing showroom

DURATION : 2 Years Course                         Eligibility: Minimum 10th of 10+2 System

Course Curriculum

• Interior Design (Basic)

• Graphic Presentation (Basic)

• Construction Techniques

• Portfolio / Presentation

• Building Material (Residential)

• Professional Practice

• Elements of Design

• Specification & Estimation

• Project Work

• Personality Development
• Interior Design (ADV)

• Furniture Design (Commercial)

• Building Material And Construction (Commercial)

• Elements Of Design (ADV)

• Specification & Estimation

• Graphic Presentation (ADV)

• Professional Practice

• History Of Art Furniture

• Building Services

• Entrepreneurship & Principals Of Management

• English Communication Skills

• Personality Development

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